UAC Moving Company New York is a leader in mobility management providing relocation professionals. We deliver domestic and international moving and relocation services to employees, expatriates, diplomats and other private customers, and provide office and industrial moving services.

Private Moving, Storage & Relocation Services

Experienced in all aspects of domestic and international relocations, UAc Moving Company staff ensures the shipment and storage of personal belongings are handled professionally and carefully. Moving Company New York uses the highest quality packing materials to prepare, transport and deliver personal belongings across the street, the country or the world. With facilities in 52 countries, a Moving Company New York professional will be available at “both ends of your move.”

Corporate & Global Mobility Services

While professional management of UAC Moving services is a critical element of a successful relocation program, corporate clients also need access to information, benchmarking expertise, assistance with refining their relocation policies and overall program management. UAC Moving is the only truly global provider of mobility management services.

Office & Industrial Moving Services

The process of moving your business can be stressful for a company’s employees and can affect the productivity of an organization’s operations. UAC Moving Company has experience in office and industrial moves including schools, universities, hospitals, factories, hospitals, laboratories and manufacturing plants.


Our unpacking operations are among the most efficient in the industry. We utilize the latest technology to quickly and efficiently get your items from our vehicles into your new residence. Due to the rigorous precautions taken during the packing phase, our team makes unpacking an absolute breeze!

Pick-up & Drop-off

We utilize an innovative tracking system to ensure that all our pick-ups and drop-offs occur on time – every time! In addition, due to the fact that we label your items, you are able to unpack and organize more quickly